Compassion Projects


A twiddlemuff is a way of supporting those with dementia. It is a basic hand-knitted muff with items attached so a person with dementia can twiddle with their hands. People with dementia often have restless hands, and like to have something to keep their hands occupied. It provides a wonderful source of visual, tactile, and sensory stimulation and the same time keeps hands snug and warm. 

This project will allow you to put your knitting skills to good use and create more twiddlemuffs as part of dementia awareness.

How to Get Started:

Go through your yarn stash and collect scraps of yarn – any color, any texture. Then collect odd buttons, beads, ribbons, and trims that can be attached to the twiddlemuffs. You will need a size 10 – 16” circular needle.

If you do not have a stash of scraps to create a twiddlemuff, kits will be available with enough yarn, buttons, and beads for your first twiddlemuff.

If you do not knit, but would like to contribute to this project, donations of yarn, buttons, and beads will be gratefully received. 

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